Posts to this website are categorized  into 6 categories namely; environmental health,food security, optimal health,financial freedom,mental freedom and spiritual freedom.

Environmental health touches on our relationship with nature.How we use natural resources. Read more here

The end result of restoration of environmental health is to have a sustainable environment. Read more on sustainable/green living here

Food security touches on food availability, food accessibility, food utilization and food stability.Read more here

Optimal health touches on the relationship between nutrition and health and exercise and health and generally the role of a healthy mind and social relationships on health.Read more here

Financial freedom touches on the relationship with money,financial literacy and leverage.Read more here

Mental freedom is about the ability to take charge of your own thoughts-the building blocks of your life.Read more here

Spiritual freedom is about the ability to search for God on your own terms- outside the confines of your religion.Read more here