Restoration of financial freedom

1.Enhance financial education-money matters need education.

People hardly get the right financial education except from experienced successful entrepreneurs.

Knowledge is power. Giving people the right financial education, improves their financial literacy,wealth creation and management.

2.Embrace networking-what is planted in the soil lasts only till maturity then it’s either harvested or withers.

But what is planted on people may last a lifetime, a generation, generations or even eternity.

A small group of people who share a common vision and are passionate about making life better,can do amazing things.

3.Mind the environment and it’s health-we need the environment to implement any meaningful project.

The environment’s health is key to long term success of any project.

Our own lives depend on the environment we live in.

4.Mind our lives and that our neighbours-if you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want!

If you focus on making the life of other people better through your thoughts, words,actions,pursuits,businesses, products and generally by your life, yours will automatically be better.

We live in a society in which companies manufacture and advertise products that harm humans.

5.Mind our values and value systems-tphe greatest values are love and integrity.

Love does no harm.In our today’s world,many nations are struggling due to corruption. Many suffer because of selfish few.

Integrity is being truthful to oneself while honesty is being truthful to others.

Honesty is the best tool of winning the cooperation and support of others in the shortest time possible and at very little or no cost at all.


Effects of financial slavery

1.Indebtedness-this is a life debts.

To get anything, you have to borrow.

Buying things on credit and paying later.

Spending before earning.

2.Scarcity consciousness-this is a mentality of lack.

Belief that for some to get,others must lack.

3.Unfulfilled dreams-to accomplish anything, you need to finance it.

Without finances,some people give up on their dreams.

4.Financial stress-the pressure to pay bills day in day out,causes financial stress.

The stress is more severe if you aren’t financially stable.

5.Work 24/7-financial freedom can make you to retire early and young but it’s suicidal to think of retiring from work when you depend on it for your basic needs.

When you are not financially stable, you may work for as long as you live.

You always have a busy schedule with very little or no time at all to rest and leisure.

6.Social instability-it’s estimated that in developing countries, most people live on less than a dollar a day.

Lack of resources can cause family conflicts.It can even break a family.

When the majority live a life of lack,those who have become targets of those who have not.

7.Desperation-desperation sets in when people give up on their dreams and resort to complaints and regrets.

Benefits of financial freedom

1.An opportunity to live your full potential-many people die with their dreams still intact.

Financial freedom enables people to live their dreams.

2.An opportunity to improve the quality of life-mobile phones have drastically improved communication and financial services.

One day someone dared to invest in mobile technology

3.Freedom from debt-all your income goes towards growing your cash reserve and investments.

4.More time for your family or your passion-financial independence will allow you to spend more time on your chosen activity.

5.Freedom to pursue entrepreneurial ventures-you can put some money at risk and take time to develop a business idea or a creative project you hope will ultimately generate financial returns in future.

6.Freedom to live and work on your own terms-you work because you choose to not because you must.

It’s the freedom to do what you want.

If you choose to stop working, your life will still run on your terms.

Some people retire early and others retire young.

7.Opportunity to donate to charities-with financial freedom, you have the capacity to donate to causes you believe in and to help the less fortunate.

8.Freedom from financial stress-the confidence to face life without the fear of how much things cost.

It’s the ultimate unemployment insurance.

9.Extra spending money-an opportunity to spoil yourself for those who love shopping.

Financial freedom

Financial freedom or independence is generally used to describe a state of having sufficient personal wealth to live, without having to work actively for basic necessities.

*For financially independent people,their assets generate income that is greater than their expenses.

Approaches to financial freedom

Since there are two sides to the asset and expenses equation, there are two main directions one can focus their energy; accumulating assets or reducing expenses.

Asset accumulation

Accumulating assets can focus on one or both of these approaches;

1.Gather revenue generating assets until generated revenue surpasses liabilities/living expenses.

2.Gather enough liquid assets to sustain all future living expenses/liabilities.

Expense reduction

Another approach to financial freedom is to reduce regular expenses while accumulating assets to reduce the amount of assets required for financial freedom. This can be done by focussing on simple living, or other strategies to reduce expenses.


When you look closely at the definition of financial freedom,you will realise that people were more financially free in the past than they are today.

In the 21st century, wealth disparity between individuals, communities, nations and continents is at it’s peak.

What changed you may ask?

1.Change in value systems- what individuals and communities valued in the past has changed.What people value determines their wealth.Our values as individuals,communities,nations and the world as a whole have been changing over time.

2.Change in business systems- our way of doing business has changed drastically with every technological advancement. From barter trade to internet marketing. Barter trade ensured people got what they needed but today’s business as Spencer Johnson puts it in the book ONE MINUTE SALESPERSON, is about buying feelings! People  don’t buy goods or services, they buy what they think they will feel by using them!

3.Change in social systems- every society had systems that determined how they lived. For instance, a community had networks that ensured farm productivity year in year out.After initiation,every man or woman knew exactly what his or her responsibilities were,to the family and to the community.Unlike today,these systems enhanced continuity, cohesion and economies of scale.

Here are the benefits of financial freedom

Financial slavery on the other hand living a life of constant lack.Read more on the effects of  financial slavery here

Here are the strategies of restoring financial freedom