How to live a green life

To live a green life, the focus shifts to three key words; Recycle,Reduce and Reuse. The three R’s.

1.Reducing pollution-Pollution of any kind is harmful to both to mankind and all the other living things. Read more on environmental pollution here

2.Conserving natural resources-reducing our consumption of essential resources goes along way in conserving resources. Many times we manufacture more than we need and we end up wasting resources.

3.Recycling non-biodegradable products-plastics and other non-biodegradable products pollute our environment and at times block sewerage systems. Continued production of plastic items is uneconomical and unhealthy.

4.Contributing to conservation of forests and wildlife-everyone knows that besides creating rainfall, trees help in purifying the atmosphere. Wild animals are a tourist attraction and most wild plants are medicine.

5.Cultivating more plants and trees in vacant lands-increasing vegetation is a healthy exercise.

6.And helping to maintain the ecological balance on the earth, so that all living beings can survive and thrive in their natural habitat-at any given time,human beings live in harmony with other living things.


Author: thenewgreenearth

A humble servant of the universe committed to enhancing harmony between man and nature!

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