Challenges facing green living

Even though GREEN living is the solution to most of the many challenges facing the world today, people are adapting at a very slow rate.

Below are the key challenges facing green living;

1.Getting started-For those who already know the impact of pollution to environmental health and that of living things-man included, are not getting started in addressing the problem in their own small ways.

Until we get started, nothing will happen.

2.Finding balance-after understanding that every individual has a role to play in sustainable living, the next challenge is finding what suits your way of living.

3.Overwhelmed-some people are convinced that the mess in the society is so huge that their small efforts won’t count.

They would rather look for someone or company to blame as they continue to magnify the problem.

We rather litter our streets and blame the county governments or companies responsible for waste management.

4.Availability of green products-earth friendly products are very scarce. Our Super markets and shopping malls are filled with all types of products that we are supposed to be avoiding.

Very few companies are thinking green probably due to costs involved and the risk of losing customers for known products.

5.Accessibility to green products-some people are not aware that green products exist, leave alone knowing where to get them.

Green products should be made accessible to enhance usage.

6.Lack of information-some people have no idea that by regularly consuming certain products, they are multiplying the effects of pollution.

Some do not understand the value of having a healthy environment. They have no idea that our health depends on the health of the environment we live in.

And still others do not know what to do as individuals to stop environmental pollution.

Creating awareness on these key areas will be of great value.

7.Cost of the green products-an average person finds green products to be expensive compared to the non-green ones.

The challenge however is that the effects of continuously using the non-green outweighs the cost of buying green products.

8.Poverty-poverty affects purchasing power.

Empowering the masses financially will help in consumption of green products which for the time being cost a little more than the non-green products.

9.Poor government policies-many governments spend billions on waste management but are slow to implement zero pollution policies.

It’s common knowledge that the leading cause of deaths worldwide right now is food related diseases.

Governments are spending billions to finance treatment of these diseases but they are reluctant to address the root cause!



Author: thenewgreenearth

A humble servant of the universe committed to enhancing harmony between man and nature!

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