Restoration of optimal health

Restoration of optimal health aims at;

*enhancing quality living

*empowering mankind to solve problems of their generation and

*empowering mankind to live their full potential

The following are the ways of enhancing restoration of optimal health;

1.Whole food production-good nutrition begins with guaranteed production of nutritious food.

Farmers should not only be educated but also supported to produce healthy and nutritious food.

The society we live in today,most farmers focus on how much they can make from their farms.

The quality of food produced is not a big deal for them.

Cases are reported of farmers feeding poultry on ARVs to fatten them.

Quality food enhances quality health.

2.Whole food consumption-this is consumption of food that is as close to it’s natural form as possible.

Nature has a way of gradually adding nutrients to foods in balanced proportions.

3.Consume whole food supplements-whole food supplements fill the gap in our eating habits.

4.Nutritional education-knowing the nutritional value of the foods consumed is essential in enhancing optimal health.

It also improves proper food choices.

5.Food preparation education-food preparation techniques determine the quality of food consumed.

Overcooking of certain foods destroys their nutritional value which in turn affects health because good nutrition is the basis for good health.

6.Consume a variety of foods-different foods have different proportions of the same nutrients.

Consuming a variety of foods guarantees supply of different nutrients which eventually enhances optimal health.

7.Enhance a community based healthcare system-having a way of knowing people’s health status and recommending timely remedies can go a long way in enhancing optimal health.

Some health conditions are better handled in their initial stages before they become chronic.

8.Exercise-exercise and nutrition go hand in hand.

It increases body activities eg blood circulation, conversion of fats and body fitness.

All these are essential for optimal health.

9.Abstain from chemical abuse-chemical or substance abuse is a medical term used to describe a pattern of using a substance that causes significant problems or distress.

These may include both legal and illegal drugs eg alcohol, marijuana and medical prescriptions.

Controlling or abstaining from these substances can have a positive impact on one’s health.


Author: thenewgreenearth

A humble servant of the universe committed to enhancing harmony between man and nature!

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