Effects of ill health

1.Loss of employment-when sickness becomes severe, it makes it impossible for employees to continue working.

In very severe cases, one may lose his or her job due to ill health.

2.Loss of life-some diseases like cancer are very costly to treat and very few families can afford the treatment.

When there is no proper and timely medical attention, many lives are lost.

However,some sicknesses may still kill a patient when the body fails to respond to treatment.

3.Poverty-treating lifestyle diseases can drain all resources within a family and leave them in poverty.

4.Reduced productivity-poor health slows down productivity.

Output from people who are always in and out of hospital is very low.

5.Emaciation-being sick for a long time drastically reduces body weight.

In most cases,this happens due to lack of appetite leading to little or no consumption of food.

6.Depression-some diseases leave a patient in depression especially when people are diagnosed with diseases they did not expect to have.

It may also affect close relatives of a patient.

7.Extreme pain-cancer patients need extra ordinary strength not just to live with the disease but also to withstand treatment.

Cases are reported of patients who experience severe pain after chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Some lose hair and for a woman, it’s not an exciting thing to experience.

8.Loss of human dignity-we have seen people die helplessly due to emaciation.

People in hunger stricken areas die helplessly in fields without being noticed.



Author: thenewgreenearth

A humble servant of the universe committed to enhancing harmony between man and nature!

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