Restoration of food security

Restoration of food security aims at;

*enhancing production of healthy food,

*enhancing timely accessibility to food,

*enhancing proper food utilization and

*enhancing proper food waste management.

The following are the ways of enhancing restoration of food security;

1.Increase production capacity-there are several ways of increasing production capacity, namely;

manuration-adding manure in the soil increases soil fertility which in turn increases production.

It should be noted that inorganic fertilizers are not a healthy option.

Organic fertilizers are recommended. They feed soil organisms and enhance a healthy soil food web.

Besides farm manure i.e compost and animal wastes,biodegradable fertilizers are recommended. A good example is SUPER GRO which has been locally tested by the University of Nairobi and proven to increase crop yields by 167%.Read more here

steady water supply-water is life.When there are no rains,irrigation can still enhance food production.

increase land for production-increasing the size of land meant for food production automatically increases the quantity of food produced.

steady supply of seeds-in the past,farmers prepared seeds from their harvests.

This ensured affordable and steady supply of seeds throughout the year.

Nowadays, most seeds are bought. This makes it hard for some poor farmers to plant under tough economic times.

Guaranteeing seed availability at affordable prices guarantees food security.

avail veterinary services-some farmers lose their cattle to sickness due to ignorance and lack of information.

Guaranteeing animal treatment reduces deaths.

2.Build food markets-building both local and international food markets guarantees accessibility to food.

3.Training-training both farmers and general masses ensures food security.

Farmers need training on healthy food production,food handling and food storage techniques.

The general masses need training on food utilization, food preparation is cooking, and the importance of variety.

4.Infrastructure development-development of good road transport, railway transport, water transport and air transport increases food availability, accessibility and utilization.

Some foods like fruits and vegetables need a faster transport network.

5.Develop a healthy food system-food system is about the movement of food from the farm to the plate and eventually waste disposal.

Both local and international food systems should be developed to reduce wastage.

Healthy waste disposal reduces environmental pollution which in turn enhances food security.


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