Restoration of environmental health

Restoration of environmental health aims at;

*allowing the environment to refresh itself

*Making mankind to be mindful of other living things and

*enhancing harmony in the ecosystem.

The following are the ways of enhancing environmental restoration;

1.Enhance a healthy soil food Web-soil organic matter is the storehouse for the energy and nutrients used by plants and other organisms.

Bacteria, fungi and other soil dwellers transform and release nutrients from organic matter.

These microshredders,immature oribatid mites skeletonize plant leaves.This starts the nutrient cycling of carbon, nitrogen and other elements.

Practices that build soil organic matter include reduced tillage and additions of organic material.

2.Healthy waste disposal management-human activities create different types of wastes every single minute, hour and day.

We produce both organic wastes eg food remains and inorganic wastes like syringes from hospitals among others.

When all these wastes are not properly disposed, it increases environmental pollution and it’s effects.

Every kind of waste needs to be disposed in a manner that does not cause environmental pollution.

3.Afforestation-this is the planting of trees in an area that did not initially have them.

Afforestation has so many advantages but key among them are;increasing oxygen levels in the atmosphere, increasing precipitation and improving biotic and abiotic components.

4.Planting cover crops-besides food from cover crops, they help to reduce soil erosion.

Soil erosion reduces soil fertility and productivity.

5.Encourage organic/sustainable farming-in simplest terms,sustainable agriculture is the production of food, fiber,or other plant or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities and animal welfare.

6.Encourage investment in green energy-production and transportation of oil pollutes the environment.

Governments and individuals should be encouraged to explore options in green energy eg solar energy.

7.Encourage production of green products-the world is filled with so many products most of which are harmful to the environment.

Companies should be encouraged to produce earth-friendly products eg biodegradable detergents, biodegradable fertilizers among others.

8.Encourage water harvesting and storage-there are times when rainfall is in excess. Such times,water should be harvested by use of dams or tanks and used at later dates when there is shortage.

9.Use compost and animal manure-natural manure is better than inorganic fertilizers.

Inorganic fertilizers pollute soils and kill soil organisms responsible for maintaining soil health and fertility. 

SUPER GRO is a biodegradable fertilizer proven to maximize farm productivity by up to 167%.We also recommend the use of biodegradable fertilizers and other earth friendly products.

Read more on green products here


Author: thenewgreenearth

A humble servant of the universe committed to enhancing harmony between man and nature!

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