Benefits of a healthy environment

1.Healthy food web-soil food web consists of organisms responsible for maintaining soil health and fertility.

Harsh chemicals used for washing and general cleaning threaten the lives of these organisms and soil health in general.

2.Healthy atmosphere-the atmosphere is responsible for regulating the air we breath, air responsible for manufacture of food by plants and other gases.

The atmosphere is also responsible for giving us rainfall.

Destruction of the ozone layer by air pollution has serious effects like global warming which is the biggest crisis of our time.

3.Quality food production-soil health has a direct effect on the quality of food produced.A healthy soil produces healthy food and vice versa.

Contamination of water bodies destroys marine life.We have also had cases of fish found to be contaminated with mercury.We have cases in Kenya of some farmers growing vegetables using sewage water.

Food contamination has very serious health effects.The rising food related diseases eg cancer are associated with food pollution.

4.Abundant food production-about 3 decades ago, farm productivity was very high.Farm produced a lot of food.

Every homestead had granaries to store farm produce.Some families had enough food to last them till the next harvest.

A healthy environment enhances food security.

5.Healthy and productive lives-good nutrition is the basis for optimal health. A healthy environment produces healthy food.

A hungry man is an angry man.There is a saying that people who feel good about themselves produce good results. Anger isn’t a good feeling and therefore it can’t produce good results.

Productivity is both quality and quantity. A healthy environment enhances both quality and quantity productivity.

6.Low cost of living-food security ensures that all people at all times have a steady access to sufficient amounts of healthy and nutritious food to sustain healthy and productive lives.

One of the main reasons for hikes in food prices is food scarcity.

Since food is a basic human need, any increase in food prices raises the cost of living.

Food security therefore guarantees a low cost of living.

7.Undisrupted seasons-environmental pollution causes a change in weather patterns every year.

These changes shorten some seasons and prolong others.

Uneven weather patterns have serious implications on food production, population growth and stability.

8.Social stability-when everything in the environment is balanced, stability is achieved.

When there are unfavorable weather patterns, drought,food scarcity and deaths of animals and mankind due to starvation becomes common.

Cases of intercommunity conflicts over limited resources like water and grazing fields are reported in Kenya every year.

9.Quality lives-a healthy environment enhances both health and wealth.

Resources in a healthy environment are wealth.

10.Source of inspiration and knowledge-a healthy environment inspires creativity.

By observing nature, we learn a lot of things. Nature has a perfect order that ensures that things happen in a particular way consistently without causing confusion.

A scientist discovered the law of gravity by observing a falling mango.


Author: thenewgreenearth

A humble servant of the universe committed to enhancing harmony between man and nature!

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