Spiritual freedom

Spiritual freedom is the liberty to search for God on your own terms.


In my childhood imagination, a whole new world was “outside” waiting to be explored.No one had to teach me how to play or to explore. Every child knows this instinctively. It is part of God placing eternity in our hearts.

Some people would like to portray spiritual freedom as a call to give up something, but it is more of a call to gain something greater.Writer C.S Lewis once compared spiritual blindness to a small child’s fixation to his sandbox.When his parents remove him from his sandbox for a vacation, he may kick,scream,kick and cry but all this ceases at the first sight of a beach,sand dunes and vast ocean horizons.Suddenly, the sandbox isn’t appealing.

The problem isn’t that we are seeking too much pleasure,we settle for too little. We are so infatuated with our life of little mud pies in the sandbox that we can’t see the vast oceans and continents  God would have us explore.

King David wrote,”you will show me the path of life,in your presence is fullness of joy;at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”Psalm,16:11.

*True freedom requires a revolution!

Definition of spiritual freedom

1.It is going out to play the game of your heart on your own terms.

2.It’s the power to exercise our God-given right to personal liberty in our spiritual journey to find our purpose and fulfill our destiny in this life.

3.It’s the pursuit of spiritual growth and knowledge in the absence of fear,and unhealthy restraint, ties and obligations.

4.It’s believe without boundaries and manipulation.

5.It’s the ability to think for yourself without guilt.

6.It’s the release from bonds of restrictive religious groups.

7.It is the power to move beyond religious or spiritual dogma.

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Author: thenewgreenearth

A humble servant of the universe committed to enhancing harmony between man and nature!

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