Spiritual freedom

Spiritual freedom is the liberty to search for God on your own terms.


In my childhood imagination, a whole new world was “outside” waiting to be explored.No one had to teach me how to play or to explore. Every child knows this instinctively. It is part of God placing eternity in our hearts.

Some people would like to portray spiritual freedom as a call to give up something, but it is more of a call to gain something greater.Writer C.S Lewis once compared spiritual blindness to a small child’s fixation to his sandbox.When his parents remove him from his sandbox for a vacation, he may kick,scream,kick and cry but all this ceases at the first sight of a beach,sand dunes and vast ocean horizons.Suddenly, the sandbox isn’t appealing.

The problem isn’t that we are seeking too much pleasure,we settle for too little. We are so infatuated with our life of little mud pies in the sandbox that we can’t see the vast oceans and continents  God would have us explore.

King David wrote,”you will show me the path of life,in your presence is fullness of joy;at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”Psalm,16:11.

*True freedom requires a revolution!

Definition of spiritual freedom

1.It is going out to play the game of your heart on your own terms.

2.It’s the power to exercise our God-given right to personal liberty in our spiritual journey to find our purpose and fulfill our destiny in this life.

3.It’s the pursuit of spiritual growth and knowledge in the absence of fear,and unhealthy restraint, ties and obligations.

4.It’s believe without boundaries and manipulation.

5.It’s the ability to think for yourself without guilt.

6.It’s the release from bonds of restrictive religious groups.

7.It is the power to move beyond religious or spiritual dogma.

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Mental freedom

Mental freedom is the liberation from the learning, beliefs,values,opinions, prejudices, judgements, world views, attitudes and standards which we harbour in our minds because of our interaction with the external world.

For a human being,the mind is a great facilitator.However, if you examine carefully,you also realize that the mind presents a huge problem to all of us.

All battles are fought in the mind and all happiness and suffering are experienced in the mind.Depending on how we make use of them and control them,we shape our lives and destinies upon the earth.

Therefore, we must learn not only to use our minds intelligently with great discretion but also to remain free from it’s negative and unhealthy influences.

Freedom comes with responsibility. It does not mean that you will do whatever you want ignoring the consequences of your actions and decisions.It implies that you use discretion in exercising your freedom and enjoy the rewards it brings without being burdened by the consequences.

*In a specific sense,a mentally liberated person is free from desires,expectations, need for approval, fear,anxiety and attachments.

Mind power laws

Like the law of gravity, which works whether you are aware of it or not,so are the mind power laws.

They work whether you are aware of them or not, whether you approve of them or not.

#1.Thoughts are real forces.A force is a push or a pull on a body.

#2.The mind is the sending and receiving station of thoughts.

#3.Thoughts magnetize and attract similar thoughts.

#4.We have power to entertain or dismiss thoughts.

#5.We can insert thoughts of any type into our mind.

#6.Inner and outer worlds are connected.

Qualities of a mentally  liberated person

1.He is free from opinions,judgements, prejudices and personal pride.

2.He does not hold grudges against others oven if they have hurt him or harmed him.

3.He does not believe in the need to control others or to enforce his beliefs upon them.

4.He is not afraid to speak his mind but does not expect others to listen to him.

5.He walks freely without the weight of his past or anxiety about his future.

6.He treats everyone equally and remains the same to all dualities.

7.He is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone and deal with uncertainties.

8.He does not feel the need to defend himself or offend others to make himself feel good.

9.He is free from drawing comparisons and measuring himself against others.

10.Besides, he does this with no particular aim but as a result of his inner freedom.

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Financial freedom

Financial freedom or independence is generally used to describe a state of having sufficient personal wealth to live, without having to work actively for basic necessities.

*For financially independent people,their assets generate income that is greater than their expenses.

Approaches to financial freedom

Since there are two sides to the asset and expenses equation, there are two main directions one can focus their energy; accumulating assets or reducing expenses.

Asset accumulation

Accumulating assets can focus on one or both of these approaches;

1.Gather revenue generating assets until generated revenue surpasses liabilities/living expenses.

2.Gather enough liquid assets to sustain all future living expenses/liabilities.

Expense reduction

Another approach to financial freedom is to reduce regular expenses while accumulating assets to reduce the amount of assets required for financial freedom. This can be done by focussing on simple living, or other strategies to reduce expenses.


When you look closely at the definition of financial freedom,you will realise that people were more financially free in the past than they are today.

In the 21st century, wealth disparity between individuals, communities, nations and continents is at it’s peak.

What changed you may ask?

1.Change in value systems- what individuals and communities valued in the past has changed.What people value determines their wealth.Our values as individuals,communities,nations and the world as a whole have been changing over time.

2.Change in business systems- our way of doing business has changed drastically with every technological advancement. From barter trade to internet marketing. Barter trade ensured people got what they needed but today’s business as Spencer Johnson puts it in the book ONE MINUTE SALESPERSON, is about buying feelings! People  don’t buy goods or services, they buy what they think they will feel by using them!

3.Change in social systems- every society had systems that determined how they lived. For instance, a community had networks that ensured farm productivity year in year out.After initiation,every man or woman knew exactly what his or her responsibilities were,to the family and to the community.Unlike today,these systems enhanced continuity, cohesion and economies of scale.

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Types of food access

Food accessibility refers to affordability and allocation of food as well as the preferences of individuals and households.

There are 2 distinct types of access;direct access in which a household produces food using human and material resources and economic access in which a household purchases food produced elsewhere.

The UN Committee on Economy,Social and Cultural rights noted that the causes of hunger and malnutrition ate often not a scarcity  of food but an inability to access available food due to poverty.

Factors limiting access to food

Poverty can limit access to food and can also increase how vulnerable an individual or household is to food price spikes

Access depends on whether the household has enough income to purchase food at prevailing prices or has sufficient land and other resources to grow it’s own food.

Households with enough resources can overcome unstable and local food shortages and maintain their access to food.

Location can affect access to food and which type of access a family will rely on.

The assets of a family including income, land,products of labour, inheritances and gifts can determine a household’s access to food.

However, the ability to access sufficient food may not lead to purchase over other materials and services.

Demographics and education levels of the household’s head determines the preferences of the household, which influences the type of foods that are purchased.

A household’s access to enough and nutritious food may not assure adequate food intake of all household members,as intra house food allocation may not sufficiently meet the requirements of each member of the household.

*The USDA adds that access to food must be available in socially acceptable ways, without, for example, resorting to emergency food supplies, scavenging, stealing or other coping strategies.