Restoration is returning the earth to it’s former healthy state.It’s healing the damage that has been done over the years by human activity.

For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of  God.

For the creation was subjected to futility not willingly but because of Him who subjected it in hope;because the creation itself will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.Romans,8:19-21

The original garden of Eden was in a state of perfect health. It had all types of trees pleasing to the eye and good for food.It also had the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.It had four rivers to water the garden. The garden was also rich in gold and other valuable minerals. Genesis, 2:8-14

We find the same garden in the book of Revelation 21 and 22.Here,the garden has graduated into a city adorned with gold and other precious minerals.Revelation,21:11

There is still a river constantly watering the garden and the tree of life is still present but this time enhancing life and healing.Revelation, 22:2

A healthy environment has the potential to enhance optimal health and financial freedom for everyone!

Pillars of Restoration

We are all connected to the environment we live in.Quantum physics reveals that we are also connected to each other through our thoughts. What we think influences both our lives and that of others around us.

For the purpose of this cause,true restoration is about our faith,thoughts, financial commitments,food security, our general health and the health of the environment we live in.We therefore have 6 pillars of Restoration:

1.Environmental health

2.Food security

3.Optimal health

4.Financial freedom

5.Mental freedom

6.Spiritual freedom

Our core values determines how we treat others and the environment we live in.Both the good and the harm we do to the environment returns to us.

Enhancing harmony in the ecosystem is our daily responsibility. The gospel of love is not to mankind alone but to all creatures!

Reasons for Restoration

1.A healthy environment enhances production of healthy food. Healthy food is the basis for good health.The resources in a healthy environment are wealth.Read more on environmental health here http://www.thenewgreenearth.wordpress.com/environmental-health

2.Good heaIth is wealth.Healthy people are productive. Productivity is both quantity and quality. Optimal health enhances both quantity and quality productivity.Read more on optimal health here http://www.thenewgreenearth.wordpress.com/optimal-health

3.A hungry man is an angry man.There is a saying that people who feel good about themselves produce good results.Anger is not a good feeling and therefore it can not produce good results.

You hardly do anything good when you are not happy. To guarantee quality productivity, we must be assured of constant availability, accessibility and utilization of quality food at all times.Read more on food security here http://www.thenewgreenearth.wordpress.com/food-security

4.You can not serve two masters at the same time.The world we live in now,money has become a master to many.According to JOHN KEHOE,AUTHOR of MIND POWER INTO THE 21ST CENTURY, no one will ever achieve financial success with a scarcity consciousness. You can not simultaneously travel both the path to riches and the path to poverty, for they go in opposite directions.

Jesus confirms this by saying that, “either make a tree good and it’s fruit will be good or make a tree bad and it’s fruit will be bad,for a tree is known by it’s fruit. Matthew, 12:33.

You can not be a slave of money and at the same time it’s master.quality living means being a money master.Read more on financial freedom here http://www.thenewgreenearth.wordpress.com/financial-freedom

5.No one can release you from self imprisonment. The worst form of imprisonment is the one you choose for yourself! According to the late HENRY FORD,whether you think you are right or think you are wrong,you are right!

If truly what you think is what you become, becoming your own slave for the rest of your life is not a pleasant thing to do.

You can not solve a problem with the same thinking that caused it.

According to Apostle Paul, we shouldn’t be conformed to this world but we should be transformed by the renewing of our minds so as to be able to discern  what is good,acceptable and perfect will of God.Romans,12:2

For a human being,the mind is a great facilitator.However if you examine carefully ,you also realize that the mind presents a huge problem to all of us.

All battles are fought in the mind and all happiness and suffering are experienced in the mind.Depending on how we make use of them and control them,we shape our lives and destinies upon the earth.

Therefore we must learn not only to make use of our minds intelligently with great discretion but also to remain free from it’s negative and unhealthy influences.

“Madness is doing the same thing in the same way consistently and expecting different results every time.”Read more on mental freedom here http://www.thenewgreenearth.wordpress.com/mental-freedom

6.Faith is a very powerful asset but the wrong kind of faith is very dangerous. Some people have been born and brought up under religious backgrounds that hinder their own liberty.

We have religious organizations coming up day and night with different agenda.Some are specifically focused on extorting believers by manipulating them to believe in a particular way.

The world we live in right now we glorify deceit. Experience shows that honesty is the best weapon you can use to get people’s cooperation and attain maximum results in the shortest time possible and at the least cost. Why then do we love lies?

A slave does not abide in the house forever but a son does,therefore if the son makes you free,you will be free indeed!John,8:35

Only God has great plans for us and His word is Truth.The power to live your full potential is within you.The blue print for our lives is in our hearts.Once we connect with our hearts, our lives find meaning.

Spiritual freedom is the power to exercise our God given right to personal liberty in our spiritual journey to find our purpose and fulfill our destiny in this life.Read more on spiritual freedom here http://www.thenewgreenearth.wordpress.com/spiritual-freedom